Duo Gallery

Two Shush Girls at a time!

What is more exciting than one of the Shush Girls? Well two of course!! But any experienced client knows that two girls chosen at random may not necessarily work…. there is much more to be had and enjoyed by all concerned if the two ladies complement each other, know each other and there is a spark of sexual attraction already playing between them. There is no other experience quite like a threesome where you are in the company of two sensational Manchester escorts who like to party with both genders. It is the word “excess” that sums it all up, a surfeit of sensual interaction, the eroticism of experiencing more than the usual m/f combination, over the top and into a bubble of pleasure, excitement and satisfaction. This is the fantasy playtime imagined by many males, but few ever fulfill their own desires.

How to choose?

This can be one of those times when you feel almost at a loss when there are so many stimulating and provocative images in the escorts’ galleries, which escort hits the spot for you, but then is she bisexual or compatible with the second one that appeals to you? Our Duo gallery helps you find the female escort couples who love to play together, they love to explore each other while you watch, they love to take you one at a time while the other enjoys the show, they love to go for overload when they both pleasure you together. If you believe that your Manchester escort encounters have been explosive up to date, then a double date with our special duo escorts will take you over your pre-existing horizons and take you stratospheric!! Shush Girls from amongst the alternative Manchester escorts agencies has girls who specifically promote themselves as duo escorts.

Which combo is for you?

Some clients like to choose the ebony and the ivory combination, they revel is the different skin tones, others prefer the blonde duo escort counterpointed by her raven haired friend. Others who are looking beyond the aesthetics and into the adventure itself, choose one escort who is younger and even a little innocent, together with a more mature and highly experienced escort. The fun to be had working out the logistics of your plan will even further drive you on towards realising your dream. This long-established Manchester escorts agency will always be able to offer a word of advice, the booking team understand and know the preferences of the agency escorts themselves and so no one is better at making suggestions that will clear your mind and help you make the perfect decision. Looking at this escort fest you will love exploring the concept from all angles!

Extend your escort experiences

When so many men never experience a three in a bed scenario what makes you different? It has to be that you are one of those people for whom imagining about something, or hearing about something secondhand, is never going to be enough! You are the kind of person who takes heed of his instincts and acknowledges your deepest desires and acts upon them. This high class escorts agency in Manchester is just the place for you to realise your duo escort ambitions. The experience itself will rock your very foundations, but even after this extravaganza is over, the memories will keep your mind spinning and long term you will have the warm glow of knowing that you are one of the few!

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