What do escorts carry in their Escort Bag??

Posted on : 25 May , 2019

We all know that what any woman carries in her handbag is a mystery and the bags themselves seem to be bottomless as one thing after another falls out. But a Manchester escort has a bag that is way beyond that!! First and foremost, condoms of course, the agency escorts in Manchester have heard all the excuses about the client not being able to get condoms himself, machine broken or empty etc. etc! The Manchester escort doesn’t carry just any condom of course, but in a variety of sizes because after all boys, you are not all the same! Extra lingerie comes a close second, sometimes things get lost or torn and sometimes we like to change into something special as a treat if you have certain preferences, or maybe a fetish for certain types of lingerie. You do know that your gorgeous escort in Manchester, from this highly regarded escort agency Manchester clients trust, spends her free time always on the lookout, online or in specialist lingerie shops, finding those delightful slips of lace, silk and satin that you love. Bustiers, g-strings, peek-a-boo bras and crotch-less panties aren’t found at M & S!! Spare stockings are a MUST, unless the client is into the punk look there is nothing attractive about a hole or a ladder in a pair of stockings. Phone is an essential; of course, how else could we keep in touch as our appointment time comes along, one of us is delayed or gets lost? Oh yes!

As if we weren’t going to mention them………… sex toys of course!! A good range of vibrators, dildos, lube, butt plugs and strap ons if it turns out to be that sort of date, good quality toys of course because you are both looking for fun and pleasure, in her hands or yours. Apart from essentials like these there is all the usual stuff naturally, make up etc, but now you know why the handbag of most Manchester escorts is always on the large side and always out of bounds to boys!!

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